How do I deposit money?

To send funds to your Tap bank account, please follow these steps:

• Open the Tap app and go to the "Cash" section.
• Press on the "EURO" or "GBP" according to the currency of your choice.

Add funds via bank transfer: 
Tap on "Add via Bank Transfer" That will reveal your bank account details.
If you decide to proceed via bank transfer, this will reveal your bank account details.

Take the details and use them in your personal banking app, online portal or in branch to send funds to your Tap Global account. The accounts are unique for each user, hence no other details are needed.
The funds has to come from an account in your name or else the transfer will be rejected. Please make sure that you enter your account name as it is displayed in your Tap account.

Add funds via debit card:
Tap on "add card" then enter your card details. Once you proceed, a 3D secure pop up will appear to confirm your card authenticity, confirm the verification.
Select your desired card amongst the list. Enter the amount you wish to deposit then press on "continue".