Top 5 Best Bitcoin Apps

24th July 2019

Bitcoin as an everyday currency is powered by some basic technologies that characterize how we humans live our lives today. One of the most common tools, both in developed and developing nations is mobile technology.

Mobile technology is playing an important role towards promoting civilization all over the world. This technology has proven to be crucial in all areas of our lives where communication or transfer of information is necessary.

It is this compatibility that has given rise to so many apps that are being used today to access the Bitcoin network. Some of them act as storage applications, while others are used to execute transactions. However, there are those that combine several features and deliver robust services to their users. Here are the top 5 best Bitcoin apps that exist today.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain Wallet is one of the most popular Bitcoin apps for mobile. Apart from Bitcoin, the wallet also supports so many other cryptocurrencies. An internal exchange also enables cryptocurrency conversions within the platform.

Some of the main features of the Blockchain app include the ability to send and receive Bitcoin, PIN protection, two-factor authentication, and QR Code support. The platform also supports 18 different languages.

4. Blockfolio

The name Blockfolio is coined from the two words “Blockchain Portfolio”. It is a financial app that helps crypto investors to manage their digital assets from one mobile spot.

Blockfolio tracks up to 800 cryptocurrencies, supplying details about their developments. The app can also be configured to provide alerts on specific coins when they get to certain price levels. It is a mobile partner of cryptocurrency traders.

3. Coin Stats

This is primarily a source of information for users of cryptocurrency who want to be in touch with the market at all times. The Coin Stats app supplies information on over 3,000 cryptocurrencies across 100 exchanges.

The platform allows for flexibility with it users, as you can sync your preferred exchanges and wallets on the app to create a unique portfolio.

Features like photo sharing, news, widget, price alerts and weekly updates are also available on the platform.

2. CoinmarketCap

This is the most popular source of information on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices, market capitalization, trade volume and other necessary details. The platform accommodates over 3,000 cryptocurrencies, with details of their existence.

CoinmarketCap has become so popular in the industry that a lot of people, especially those who are relatively new to crypto use it as a standard to judge the genuineness of a coin.

1. Tap

The tap app is the latest to be created among all the apps that have been listed in this post. However, it appears to be the most complete of them all, offering what anyone could refer to as an entire ecosystem for cryptocurrency users.

The app allows users to store, spend and trade cryptocurrencies without stress. The all-in-one solution of tap includes automatically scanning exchanges to find the most competitive price whenever a user wants to trade cryptocurrencies.

The app is flexible and dynamic in nature, making it convenient for users to carry out their crypto activities without jumping from one platform to the other.


App solutions are taking over the cryptocurrency industry. This is not surprising at all, as the development of mobile technology and invasion of smartphones into homes across the globe has defined how humans live today to a large extent.

In an industry where the options that exist are too many to count, it is normal to find assessment information of available products to help in making appropriate decisions. However, personal preference remains a priority, as users are always advised to consider how the products and services that they adopt will satisfy their needs and desires.

For tap, making life easy for cryptocurrency users remains a priority, and this has been achieved in a way that users can easily adapt it to their individual lifestyles. This puts the app up there among the top 5 best Bitcoin apps available for users today.

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