The Growth Of Crypto Exchanges

2nd August 2019

Bitcoin was created in 2009, since then a whole industry has emerged around it. One major group of players in the industry are the crypto exchanges. Even though it did not roll out in 2009 with Bitcoin, this sector is responsible for a lot of the development that has happened around Bitcoin and crypto. By taking a look at the growth of crypto exchanges, you will understand how the entire industry has evolved.

First of all, let us consider the existing crypto exchanges and how they have evolved over the years. Here is a list of some of the major exchanges and their launch dates (year):

Exchange Launch Dates (By Year)

  • 2010 – Mt Gox
  • 2011 – BitPay, BitStamp, BTC-e, Kraken
  • 2012 – Bitfinex, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins.
  • 2013 – Bitcoin Suisse AG, BitGo, BitMain, BitPesa, Bittrex, CEX.IO, Coinfloor, Huobi, ShapeShift.
  • 2014 – BitMex, Coincheck, OKEx, Xapo, Poloniex, KuCoin
  • 2015 – Bitwala
  • 2016 – BuyUcoin
  • 2017 – Binance

The above list is not exhaustive, however, a closer look at it reveals a trend that has been key to how Bitcoin has developed over the years. This trend, which coincides with the growth of crypto exchanges reveals how important that singular sector has become in the life of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

2013 Was an Important Year in the History of Cryptocurrencies

The year 2013 has the highest number of new exchanges that came to life. This is the year that we can attach to the initial boost in the awareness of Bitcoin. Even the infamous Mt Gox, which started in 2010, became very popular in 2013. By this time, it was handling over 70% of all Bitcoins worldwide.

Bitcoin’s first attempt at the $1,000 mark was also in 2013. It was after this rise that it entered into the first crypto winter which lasted until the second half of 2016. That was when the biggest boom kicked in, dragging us through 2017 until an all time high price was achieved in January 2018.

A lot of other exchanges that are not listed above have also come into existence, especially after the 2017 exceptional price surge. Having coincided with the ICO boom era, the price surge happened when many projects were still in incubation. Among them were also a lot of exchanges.

New Generation Exchanges

Between 2017 to date, what we will choose to call a new generation of exchanges have made their presence known and contributed to the growth of crypto exchanges. Some of them include LAToken, Shortex, Bitforex, BitMax and many others. What these exchanges have been able to achieve is expansion in the industry and increased accessibility to users across the globe.

As many as they are, even as their primary goal is to provide access for users in the industry, the kind of services that the exchanges provide vary. It is the uniqueness of their services that determine the class of customers that particular exchanges attract. Some of them offer margin trading services, while others don’t. Some are strictly cryptocurrency exchanges, while others allow fiat transactions. The variations are too numerous to mention and can be confusing to users at times.

The good thing today is that platforms like tap have found solutions that harmonize the activities of the numerous exchanges and allow users to access them from a single point. Be it crypto-to-crypto trading, or crypto-to-fiat transactions, all can be executed on fiat.

The crypto-enabled transactions and other related services that tap offers cannot be exhausted in this post. However, it is interesting to note that for traders, or those who make use of the tap prepaid MastercardⓇ, the platform ensures that the best prices are provided for them. This is achieved through a software that scans through multiple exchanges to select the most competitive price whenever a trade or transaction is initiated.

Innovations such as this, and many more that we are seeing today all contribute to the growth of crypto exchanges and the expansion of the industry at large.

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