Overview Of Tap’s 2021 Roadmap

18th December 2020

Taps Roadmap

Overview Of Tap’s 2021 Roadmap
After an exciting (among many other things) year, Tap is ready to wrap up 2020. In doing so we look forward to the next year with equal excitement and vigor. In this article we’ll be giving an overview of Tap’s 2021 roadmap, covering both the technical and business development sectors. Users can look forward to increased capabilities, streamlined functionality, and a world class alt banking service.

Technical Roadmap for Q1 2021
Focusing on several areas, the technical roadmap is full of exciting, everyday use cases that are set to greatly increase the convenience of Tap Global. First and foremost the team will be working on open banking compliance, allowing users to easily pay third parties. Directly from the app, users will be able to pay landlords, friends and even bills in one swift movement.

The next feature set to be rolled out in Q1 2021 is EHIMode1. Making everything spendable, users will be able to spend all crypto assets through the Tap card without the need to convert crypto to fiat anymore. Increasing the card capabilities and ease of use, the Tap card will propel its functionality.

The dev team will also be implementing the ability to buy and stake XTP in the app. This will give users better card rates and levels. And lastly, the team will be working on the integration of a referral system. This referral program will allow users to refer friends and earn revenue share with no date limits, essentially providing passive income over a lifetime period.

With many new features rolling out, Q1 2021 is looking to be a good one.

Business Development for Q1 2021
On the business development front, the team are working toward some ambitious, attainable goals this coming season. First up is our interest bearing accounts which are accessible through EUR, GBP, USD, BTC, LTC, ETH. Tap Global is partnering with a large, well known company to do this (keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement). We can’t give away too many details yet, but we can tell you that the official PR campaign will launch early 2021.

As mentioned in the Technical development above, the new EHIMode1 which eliminates the need to convert assets to fiat when using the Tap card will be rolled out here too.

Marketing Roadmap for Q1 2021
Next up in our overview of Tap’s 2021 roadmap, we’re sharing what’s on the schedule for the marketing department. This exciting sector is broken down into four categories.

First we will be launching an aggressive marketing campaign focused on three key areas:

  1. Online search, a primary target for SEO, improving our visibility and ranking. We will be launching a paid campaign strategy across social media and Google to facilitate this.
  2. Affiliate networks, the team is currently doing a lot of work to ensure that Tap Global is ranking in regions that are of high value. This will continue being rolled out in Q1 2021.
  3. We are also currently partnering with a variety of top news outlets that will drive high level traffic through to the site and app. These efforts will continue to be rolled out early next year.

The next exciting marketing venture is the onboarding of brand ambassadors. We will have a number of new reviews releasing shortly from well known Youtubers across the globe. Our content will be promoted through high level influencers, with large, relevant audiences. We will primarily start this process in Germany, France, and the UK, with more to follow.

Lastly, Tap Global will be entering the DeFi (decentralized finance) market. The team has initiated a new token utility for XTP and will be partnering with well known and secure farms.  Users will soon have the chance to either stake XTP, or create XTP-ETH LP tokens and earn currencies from the yield farms. We’re driving new growth where people can earn higher yields. Current holders can earn more by putting their XTP tokens to use and earning additional tokens. More on this soon.

To Another Great Year
While 2020 has certainly had its challenges, I think everyone can agree that the entire cryptocurrency industry received more positive attention, more institutional backing, and more respect than ever before. Let’s focus on the positive and channel this strong energy into the new year. With this exciting overview of Tap’s 2021 roadmap developments and an incredible user base that is growing by the day, Tap Global is set to see great heights come 2021. We’re so glad you’re coming along for the ride.

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