How To Spend Bitcoin

21st January 2021

As we’ve covered how to buy Bitcoin, it seems only fair that we also shed light on how to spend Bitcoin. As more newbies enter the market, they often don’t see the full picture of all the many ways one can spend their newly acquired cryptocurrency. Let’s dive in.

Merchants Accepting Bitcoin

Each day new merchants announce that they are accepting BTC as a payment option. In the past few years the number of stores accepting Bitcoin has increased tenfold. While some merchants accept the cryptocurrency as is, for the ones that don’t you can take advantage of sites like Gyft. Gyft allows users to buy gift cards in BTC and then spend the gift card at a wide range of stores like Amazon, Uber Eats, Starbucks, etc.

Other stores that accept Bitcoin include the likes of Overstock, Microsoft, AT&T, Burger King, and many more. If the company hasn’t displayed Bitcoin on their home page, you can check the payment options. To pay for goods and services from your Tap app, simply select Bitcoin under Crypto in Assets. Select Options and Send, and then enter the wallet details of the merchant under external beneficiary. Most platforms will provide you with a QR code to scan.

Online Casinos

Did you know that most online casinos now accept cryptocurrency too (well most good ones)? If you’re into trying your luck on the slots, or love diving into a game of poker, you might like to know that you can use your Bitcoin to play at a wide variety of online casinos. Find the gambling site for you, open an account, and then send BTC directly from your Tap wallet by simply selecting Bitcoin, then Options and Send, and scan the QR code provided on the platform.

When looking to withdraw your winnings you can do so through Tap as well. Enter your wallet details on the casino and withdraw the BTC to your Tap wallet. Here you can store it as BTC, or withdraw it for a great rate directly from your app.

Send To Friends

You can use the Tap app to send Bitcoin directly to your friends. Birthday present? Tick. Baby gift? Tick. Wedding present? Tick. Who wouldn’t want to receive an asset that has made such great returns that it was literally the top performing asset of the past decade? Nobody, that’s who.

Locate the cryptocurrency you would like to send (in this case Bitcoin) from the Crypto wallet under Assets. Select Options and then select Send. Choose whether they are an internal Tap beneficiary (if they have a Tap account) or external beneficiary and enter their details either manually or scan their QR code.  

Pay Bills

In September of last year the tech forward Swiss region of Zug announced that citizens were now able to pay their taxes in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Don’t live in the small region of Zug? No problem. With the Tap app you are still able to pay your bills directly from your Tap wallet. If your account accepts Bitcoin, great – just add them as a beneficiary. If not, simply sell your BTC quickly and easily through the Tap app (cash in on the smart trade technology that will find the most competitive price for you) and use the Euros to pay your account.

Tap Prepaid Card

Did you know that Tap marks the first cryptocurrency partnership with Mastercard? We’ve been working together on the Tap Prepaid Mastercard for several years and are finally ready to launch the powerful new feature to our community. You can find out more about the excellent fees and high functionality here, but in summary: users can now spend their crypto on the high street.

The process is simple and so wonderfully efficient you’ll be addicted in no time. Select the Card option below Assets and indicate what cryptocurrency you would like to spend. After swiping your card you will receive a notification with the best trade offer the smart trade technology could find. Accept the exchange from Bitcoin (or Ethereum or Litecoin) and the transaction will execute. The merchant will receive notification that the transaction was successful and you can happily leave the store with your new goods.

The card also allows users to withdraw money around the world. Going travelling? The Tap Prepaid Card is all you’ll need.

Tap Into The Future

Now that you know how to spend Bitcoin, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the wonderful world of Bitcoin and all the glory the digital asset provides. Shop overseas, instantly send money across borders, or even use Bitcoin to pay for your coffee. The possibilities are endless, it’s high time you tap into the future with Tap Global.

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