How To Withdraw Crypto On Tap

In order to withdraw crypto, you will need to have downloaded the Tap app, created an account and been KYC verified. You can choose whether you would like to withdraw crypto to an external account, or to another Tap user’s account, which is free of charge.

In order to withdraw cryptocurrencies supported by Tap, you will need to have a positive balance. Read our guides below
- How to Deposit BTC, ETH or LTC on Tap
- How to Deposit USD, EUR or GBP on Tap
- How to Buy or Sell Crypto on Tap with EUR, GBP or USD

Step 1
Start on the homescreen
From the homepage, select the blue withdrawal button above Assets, and then select More (at the bottom of the second image below).
Step 2
Select the Crypto you want to withddraw
From the list of options presented, select which cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw. Note that you will need to have funds in the wallet in order to send.
Step 3
Create A Beneficiary
Here, you will need to enter the details of where you would like to withdraw the funds. If you have no beneficiaries loaded, select the blue plus sign in the right-hand corner, then select either Internal (TAP) Beneficiary or External Beneficiary.
Step 4
Scan or Add beneficiary Details
You will then need to enter the details or scan the QR code of the relevant wallet to which you would like to withdraw your crypto. Once you have submitted the details, you will need to select this beneficiary from the list presented.