Why Is My Trade Failing?

This is a common question and one we’re happy to break down for you here. Essentially, there is one main reason as to why your trade might fail on the Tap app. Below we’ve outlined what has happened, what it looks like, and how to resolve the issue.

When The Trade Is Below The Minimum Requirement

The main reason that a trade might fail is that the amount you would like to buy is below the minimum purchase amount. For example, if you open a trade to buy Ethereum you will need to check the minimum amount buyable indicated in blue text below the ETH purchase amount (here in grey text), and ensure that the amount you want to buy is over this limit. The Confirm Trade box will remain grey until the minimum purchase amount is met or above.

In the example above, you can see that the trader indicated that they would like to buy €20 worth of ETH. This is indicated below the fiat value as equivalent to 0.00624692 ETH, however, the minimum amount of ETH that one can buy is 0.02 ETH. As this amount is below the minimum, the trade is not possible.
The trader will then need to change the fiat amount to reach the minimum ETH required, as indicated in the image below. Once this has been met, the Confirm Trade box will become blue and the trade can be executed.
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