How To Upgrade Your Account Level By Staking XTP

You’ve likely read the difference between our three account levels and are looking to upgrade your Tap card. In this piece, we’re running you through how to do just that, and how to get started staking XTP. 
Users can get the Standard Tap Card by opening an account on the Tap app, while staking XTP gives you access to the other options. Staking 250,000 XTP for six months automatically upgrades you to the Black Tap Card, while staking 500,000 XTP for six months entitles you access to the Titanium Tap Card.

For these next few steps you will need to have downloaded that Tap app, created a profile and been KYC verified. You will also need to have acquired the relevant amount of XTP depending on your preferred account level (learn how to buy XTP here).

Step 1
From the homepage of the app locate your Crypto wallet.
Step 2
Select the Tap XTP option, and once in the XTP wallet select the lock icons in the lower right hand corner.
Step 3
When you have enough XTP, select the Staked option and indicate how much XTP you would like to stake. Alternatively, select the Upgrade to Black or Upgrade to Titanium options below to automatically execute the staking process.
Step 4
As mentioned above, you will need to stake XTP for a minimum of 12 months, after which you will receive your Tap Card in the mail. You will receive email notification towards the end of the staking period to confirm the details.
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