How to stake your assets for interest?

In this tutorial you will discover how to get started to earn interests on your assets.

Step 1
On the home page scroll down until you reach this frame and click on it :
Step 2
Select the asset of your choice among the different ones offered (it can be crypto or fiat)
Step 3
For this tutorial we will use GBP as an example, once you are on the asset page, introduce the amount that you would like to stake in your interest vault ( here we are placing 5000 GBP). Note that you can use the button “use max” to add the total your balance of this specific asset in your vault.  Once you introduced the desired amount for staking press on the “start earning” button.
Step 4
You will then be asked to accept the terms and conditions of Tap interest, press Agree to proceed.
Our terms and conditions are available for you to consult here →
Step 5
Once process you will be redirected to the successful operation screen as  below:
Press on the “earnings” button to get back to the earning menu.

Congratulation you just staked your assets for interest! You will now receive weekly pay-out of your interest, they happen every Monday, what a brilliant way to make this day happier!