How to convert / GBP EUR to Bitcoin

In order to trade cryptocurrencies on the Tap app you will need to have a positive EUR or GBP balance. Read our guide on How To convert your fiat into Bitcoin (BTC) or alternatively How to Deposit EUR or GBP on Tap with the mean of a Card or Bank transfer before you begin.

Step 1
Once your cash wallet is loaded you can now buy Bitcoin. Go to the homepage then click on “Crypto” under the category “Assets”.
Step 2
Once you are on the Crypto assets page, select Bitcoin (BTC) in order to start your purchase.
Step 3
Once you are in the Bitcoin purchase page, click on “Options” then select “Buy”.
We do currently offer our app in 5 different languages including English, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish.
Step 4
This action will open the trade page where you will be enabled to select EUR or BTC to fund your purchase. Enter the desired amount of BTC, then click on “Confirm Trade”.
Once the trade is initiated wait until the trade is executed.
Step 5
Once the transaction has been executed you will be redirected to the trade confirmation screen. The amount of Bitcoin that you purchased will now to be reflected in your crypto wallet, under the section “Assets” of the app.

Congratulation you just Purchased your first bitcoins with Tap! You now learnt how to purchase Bitcoin using EUR or GBP in a click!