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Ethereum Price UK

As the world's second-largest cryptocurrency based on market value, Ethereum is known for its incredible contribution to the blockchain industry beyond that of many other cryptocurrencies. Regularly mentioned in the news, the blockchain-based platform can facilitate the peer to peer exchange of value but has become popular for so much more than that, indicated in its current price and community value. The platform itself is referred to as Ethereum and is currently going through an upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 while the cryptocurrency fuelling the network is called Ether (ETH).

Ethereum at a glance

One of Bitcoin’s greatest assets is that it is decentralized. Instead of relying on governments and financial institutions, the cryptocurrency is operated by a network of nodes (operators) around the world that split and verify the work evenly. With no single authority in charge, users have more control over their assets and do not need to worry about Global Recessions and the Fed skyrocketing inflation.

Bitcoin was designed to be a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, meaning that one individual could send money to another without incurring costly road bumps along the way. When sending fiat currencies across borders the funds go through various posts, changing currencies and incurring forex charges. Bitcoin can be sent from one side of the world to another for a fraction of the price and time, and is a direct transfer from sender to receiver.

Ethereum first introduced smart contract functionality to the blockchain world. Smart contracts are digital agreements that don’t require a third party and can execute automatically once the predetermined conditions are met.

Who Created Ethereum?

The Ethereum network was launched in 2015 (6 years after Bitcoin) by Vitalik Buterin and several co-founders, who initially wanted to upgrade Bitcoin in a similar fashion, and has seen astronomical growth in market value over time. The network provides developers with a platform on which they can build decentralized apps (dapps) and smart contracts which have been a favourite pick among financial startups seeking investment. Smart contracts are digital agreements that automatically execute when the predetermined criteria have been met, different to a traditional cryptocurrency transaction which is only money being sent from A to B.

What is Ethereum worth?
What purpose does it serve?

Value of Ehtereum

Since Ethereum launched in 2015 the value is believed to have increased by 9,000%. As the platform has firmly established itself in the blockchain industry as a foundation for developers to create and run software, it has created an irreplaceable use case.

Decentralized Application

Ethereum provides developers with a platform on which decentralized applications can be created. This means that developers can use the blockchain technology to create their own networks, right down to their own cryptocurrencies (more on this below). There are currently over 3,000 dApps that have been created using the Ethereum network.

ETH Based Tokens

Developers can use the platform to create a number of different blockchain tokens. Ethereum has a number of different token standards available, each differing slightly in their functionality. The platform offers a range of tokens such as ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-721, ERC-777, and ERC-820 token standards. Tether, a top 5 cryptocurrency, is an ERC-20 token.

What is Ethereum And Its Cryptocurrency Used For?

Ethereum provides developers with several token standards, which are essentially token "templates" that allow them to create their own cryptocurrencies based on what their intentions for the cryptocurrency or project might be. For example, the ERC-20 token facilitates the transaction of value and is used by many blockchain projects, such as the stablecoin Tether (USDT). Although many users are trading and investing in Ethereum based on the price and market value for profit, this is not the core purpose of the cryptocurrency.

How Does Ethereum Work and Maintain Market Value?

Another example of a token standard is ERC-721, which creates unique blockchain tokens that can only hold one function (that are non-fungible). This is the foundation of NFTs, the digital asset industry that reached worldwide mainstream media after an NFT sold for a £50 million price tag in early 2021. NFTs have since become a popular commodity in the digital art space and are often exchanged for large amounts of money, considering the Ethereum price UK. 

Ethereum is also the foundation of the DeFi (decentralized finance) industry. A movement that has become worth over £100 billion. Most of the applications facilitating the financial instruments are built and operated by the Ethereum network.

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How does Ethereum Operate and Handle Transactions?

While Ethereum technology allows developers to create their own decentralized apps and digital currencies which can be used as another form of money or payment, the network still facilitates all the transactions. The platform uses a digital proof of work consensus mechanism, the same as Bitcoin and some of the other digital currencies, to execute transactions and maintain the network. However, Ethereum is in the process of moving to a digital proof of stake consensus, which will change the way that transactions are verified by adjusting its core technology. 

Instead of miners executing transactions by solving a complex cryptographic puzzle, the process of validating and executing transactions will be divided amongst validators holding a stake in the network. This stake ensures that the validators operate in a trustworthy manner, as they too have "shares" in the network.

How is Ethereum Divisible?

The Ethereum blockchain uses something called gas fees to compensate the miners for their computational efforts in maintaining the network. These are due to reduce when the network updates/upgrades to its digital proof of stake algorithm, however, the core software concept will remain the same. These gas fees are a small percentage of ETH, their denomination is called gwei, and are a small fraction of the ETH price. 

Gwei equates to 0.000000001 ETH, and the amount paid is based on the effort required to execute the transaction or smart contract which is similar to the amount of processing power required to run software on your computer. The value will change based on the Ethereum price UK.

While Bitcoin and Litecoin both have maximum supplies, the Ethereum network does not have a capped amount of coins. As the network is designed to facilitate blockchain innovation and dapp creation, and not act as a store of value (however with the recent Ethereum price UK increases many traders are buying and storing ETH), there is no need to "limit" this potential.

How To Buy Ethereum

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