The Tap Referral Program

Whether you're an influencer, a crypto analyst, a comparison site, or a passionate trader, you are given the opportunity to share Tap with your friends and community, and to instantly earn commissions by promoting Tap to your audience.

For affiliate partnership meet us here  -> link to affiliate LP

How it works?

Join > promote & invite > Earn


Anyone can join the Tap referral program. You simply have to open Tap account, if you don't have one yet, it will only take a couple of minutes to create one. After logging into your account, you will be able to get access to your personal dashboard and generate your referral code. Then simply share your referral code with your social network.


Spread the word to your community and invite them to join the platform with your affiliate link.


Endless earning potential. With no limitations on the amounts of referees you can invite to join, earning is limitless. The more people who create an account and trade on TAP after clicking on your referral link, the more referral commissions you will earn.

Why to choose Tap:

Join a company that values trust and security

Regulated with a DLT license by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission( GFSC), Tap uses sophisticated security technology combined with 2FA identity verification to ensure that our clients' assets are protected and safe at all times.

Promote premium-quality products

Proudly made in Gibraltar, the Tap app and Smart Engine are products of outstanding quality and reliability.

Limitless earnings opportunities

There is no limit to how much you can earn as a referrer. Invite as many people to join as you wish. The more people who create accounts and start to trade on TAP after clicking on your referral link, the more pay-out you will receive.

Unique referral codes

Tap offers unique referral codes to share with your audience and partners. No tagging is required on your site, you get credit for the conversion, even if another website or partner promotes your unique referral code.

Straightforward referral program

You’ll earn commission for every qualified referral. No waiting time or payment delays, pay-outs are made within two working days (usually the same day).
Do not have the App yet? Join today and start earning: