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the smart and simple crypto app

Invest, trade, earn and pay - all in one beautifully simple app.

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One app to rule them all, one tap to buy them

Best prices on crypto

We track all the markets so you get the best rates on every trade
Low fixed fees
Ultra-fast transfers
Instant notifications and alerts

Better than banking

Tap makes it easy to turn money into crypto and crypto into cash
Instant deposits with card or transfer
Withdraw funds straight to account
Multi-currency wallet

Best exchange rates

Pay less to exchange currencies, anytime, anwhere in the world
Multi-currency wallet
Low fixed fees and 0% commission
Spend directly with your tap card

One app lets you tap into many assets

Best rates on savings

Earn more than with your bank account and put your crypto to work
Secure storage of your crypto
Seamlessly manage BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, GBP and EUR
Instant notifications and alerts

Invest in performance

Level up your crypto experience
Instant deposits with card or transfer
Withdraw funds straight to account
Free ATM Withdrawal Fees

Crypto is better, when we tap together

Earn with XTP

The Tap Token gives every member of our community a chance to strike it rich
Reduce Tx fees by staking XTP.
Trade XTP easily onย Tap.
Upgrade your Account Level withย XTP

Building tap together

Tap is more than crypto, its a community.
Send funds to other Tap users for free.
Discuss and learn about Crypto
Send money directly to a friendโ€™s bank account.

Tap with friends

We are making crypto available to everyone and have great rewards for our users
Free transfers to Tap users
Earn money with refer a friend
Take part in competitions and Earn

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Who we are

Regulated Crypto

We are not bank but we are the first firm to be fully licensed and regulated Crypto the EU

Built by experts

Simply secure

We do the hard work to keep your crypto safe so you can focus on earning money and trading .
50+ security features