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What is bitcoin

And why do you need it?

Bitcoin is everywhere in the news, but the question 'what is bitcoin' is still asked all the time. To put it simply, bitcoin is a digital, decentralised currency that offers greater privacy and protection than traditional currencies.

Bitcoin at a glance

Bitcoin was invented in 2008, and has enjoyed astronomical growth in both popularity and value ever since. To understand the answer to ‘what is bitcoin’, it is necessary to understand what bitcoin offers that traditional currencies don’t.

Traditional currency, also known as ‘fiat’ currency (from the Latin word for a legal decree, not the Italian carmaker) such as USD, EUR or GBP, is managed by a central authority such as the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England. These organisations control the amount of money there is and insure that money isn’t fake. Traditional currency is also tightly controlled by financial institutions and law enforcement, so purchases can be tracked easily.

Bitcoin does not have a central authority, and allows for privacy in purchasing. The legitimacy of bitcoin is insured by an open-access record of transactions – known as a blockchain – which is impossible to fake. Because bitcoin is anonymous and isn’t centralised, it is perfect for online transactions around the world.

What is bitcoin worth

And how is Bitcoin useful


Value of Bitcoin

The value of bitcoin has changed a lot since it was created, and looks to be set to continue doing so. As a result, answering a question like 'what is bitcoin worth' can be tricky. The best way to know the worth of bitcoin is to check it at that time. One thing is certain, though: bitcoin is worth a lot more now than it was 10 years ago, and it looks like it will retain that value.

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More privacy

Bitcoin is notorious for being used to purchase illegal goods and services online, but this is only a tiny part of what it's good for. Bitcoin offers a lot more privacy than fiat currency, which is good for those seeking to do something illegal, but is also good for those looking to maintain their identity and bank details private.
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Great investment

Bitcoin has also proven to be a great investment. It has risen in value astronomically since it was first created, and continues to be the most valuable cryptocurrency today. Investing in cryptocurrency is always risky, as their values can rise and fall very quickly, but bitcoin has proven that it can pay off very well.

What is

Bitcoin cash

People are often surprised that bitcoin and bitcoin cash are not the same thing, and are soon asking 'what is bitcoin cash' in confusion. Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency that grew out of bitcoin and became its own thing. Bitcoin cash is easier to use when buying and selling, so is more appealing for daily use than bitcoin itself.
The difference between the two cryptocurrencies comes down to the size of the blocks making up the blockchain and is very technical. The result, though, is a promising cryptocurrency which has held its value and looks to stick around.

What is

Bitcoin mining

Another question that gets asked alongside 'what is bitcoin' is 'what is bitcoin mining'. Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new bitcoin. This isn't done in a mine, though, but rather on a computer. The blockchain behind bitcoin is made up of 'blocks' of information which are linked to each other.
New bitcoins are created when a new block is added, and new blocks are added when very complex mathematical processes are completed. Bitcoin is, essentially, a very complicated math problem, and mining is the process of solving it.
Mining bitcoin takes a lot of time and a lot of computer power, so it is often done in places where electricity is cheap.

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With Tap Global you can buy bitcoin anytime, anywhere, with our easy to use and secure app. With us, you can track markets and keep up to date with the latest changes to make sure you get the best price.
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