What Is Risk?

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Risk in trading is the chance that something might negatively impact an investment. Before engaging in any trading activities it is important to evaluate your appetite for risk, determining whether you are able to handle more risk or are more risk averse. 

Measuring risk will be dependent on the type of asset you are investing in, the amount of capital you have to use, and the time frames in which you expect to see results. Different assets and trading strategies hold different amounts of risk. 

For example, investing in an index fund is considered a low-risk investment and is better advised to investors looking to make a slow and steady return over a longer period of time. Index funds aggregate the performance of the 100 companies listed on a particular stock exchange and pay back dividends accordingly. Because they are large companies the growth is often more likely to be smaller yet consistent. 

With a little more appetite for risk, in the crypto markets, the same could be said about choosing to invest in an emerging altcoin versus established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. An emerging asset would encompass a higher risk higher reward ratio, however, no returns are guaranteed. 

You can speak to a financial advisor to get a sense of your risk appetite.