A Comparison of the Top Crypto Exchanges and Wallets | Tap

Every crypto user knows that secure storage and easy use of digital assets cannot be taken for granted. This is why from time to time, the majority of users are reassessing available platforms, in comparison to emerging innovations, to ensure that they are getting the best available service. A comparison of the top crypto exchanges and wallets is therefore common practice.

There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets in the industry. Each of them have unique services. Some may focus on delivering cost effective services, while others might focus on functionalities around security. No matter the priority of an exchange or wallet, it is the prerogative of users to determine what is most suitable to them.

In this post, we will be setting out the offerings of some of the top crypto exchanges and wallets, and comparing the key aspects of their services. This will help you as a crypto user to easily assess the platform and choose what will suit your plans the best.

A Comparison of Top Crypto Exchanges

CoinbaseBinanceOKExCoinBeneTapFiat DepositYesYesYesYesYesTrading Fees1.49%0.1%0.1-0.15%0.1%0.5-1.5%KYC VerificationYesLimitedYesLimitedYes, one can be used to access multiple exchangesTwo-Factor AuthenticationYesYesYesYesYes

A Comparison of Top Crypto Wallets

TrezorCoinbaseMyceliumElectrumTapTypeHardwareExchangeMobileDesktopAppBuy/SellNoYesNoNoYesMultiple CoinsYesYesNoNoYes

Why Users Compare Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

A comparison of the top crypto exchanges and wallets will give users a clearer picture in deciding what suits them the most. However, new innovations that combine features of these platforms effectively are currently providing better alternatives.

The goal here it to ensure proper security of one’s cryptocurrency portfolio and also find easy and cost-effective ways to use them. This is where the innovative tap platform edges the others. The platform combines all the necessary attributes that make for  convenient user experience, with a little extra.

Tap Brings Everything to One Place

The tap platform combines both trading and storage facilities to provide a full-stack crypto banking experience for users. It provides a robust environment for crypto users to solve their problems from one particular spot.

In the area of trading, whether between cryptocurrency pairs, or between cryptocurrency and fiat, tap makes it easy and cost-effective. Once the transaction has been initiated, inbuilt software scans across major exchanges to find the most competitive price. This saves users the stress of jumping across exchanges themselves in the search of the best deal.

The tap cold storage wallet for customer funds, and the insurance of it, is a confidence builder for platform users. Unlike the pain that many users have experienced during hacks on some major exchanges, tap has that angle covered. This means that you can carry out your cryptocurrency activities with your mind at peace, knowing that your assets are secure.

The availability of options with tap is another level altogether. The platform provides for you to manage your entire crypto portfolio from one spot. Unlike what we have with the existing wallets and their limited coins support.

Instead of embarking on a comparison of top crypto exchanges and wallets, tap provides everything in one place. This is the benefit of innovation, making it easy and convenient for crypto users worldwide.

Concluding our comparison of the top crypto exchanges and wallets, this is also a development that reduces the entry barrier into the cryptocurrency world. It makes it less complex for users, especially beginners in the industry. The tap system is not far away from what you get from other mainstream transaction systems. However, it still affords users the full benefits of cryptocurrency technology and the solutions that it brings.