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Tap Q4 Feature Updates

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Tap Q4 Feature Updates

You didn’t think we’d stop there for 2021, did you? We’re delighted to share with our community the progress and new features we'll be rolling out in 2021 and we’d like to thank all of our supporters who helped us get to this point.

For the ones of you who didn’t have the chance to read our last report on what has been achieved in Q1 & Q2 we have already added for this year a large array of features to our platform

Here is a small recap to remind everyone what has already been accomplished this year:

Payments references

"Recipient Reference" is an interbank initiative that allows the recipient to view a reference from the sender when a transfer is made. As such, the recipient will see this information in their operations statement. This allows more clarity for the recipient to identify a transfert.

New languages

We're always trying to improve your experience with Tap. Sometimes that means we optimize system performance or rearrange the UI so it’s more intuitive.

Language is one of the keys to enhance your user experience, this is why Tap is proud to announce that our app now supports five languages making it more intuitive for customers whether they speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, or Greek.


Referral program

Tap Platform offers a referral cryptocurrency rewards program to every Tap user with which they can start referring their friends to Tap. This program ensures that Tap receives the best traffic possible by rewarding the referrer and referee with free BTC when their friends sign up and join the Tap platform.

XTP staking

Tap users are given the ability to stake XTP on the Tap App for the following benefits:

-Increased Spending Limits on Card

-Increased ATM Withdrawals

-Discount in Trading Fees

-Free Unlimited FX

If you are interested in the various range of benefits associated with the different XTP staking plans, please visit our Tap Plans Page on the website.

Paying fees with XTP

XTP holders are offered a 25% discount when they spend XTP to pay for trading and transactions fees on the Tap app.

As a company, we are constantly striving to improve our existing features and continuously add new ones to enhance our user experience.  We are very excited for Q4 and the new features that we have planned for you. Here's an update on the things we have planned for the rest of 2021.

Corporate accounts- October

We are extending our services to businesses, allowing companies to create corporate accounts. Tap will provide banking for Corporate Clients enabling them to make and receive payments in Faster Payments, SEPA and Swift with Euros and British Pounds.

Corporate accounts will enjoy the ability to make and receive payments from 3rd parties to settle invoices in crypto or in Fiat. Just as private accounts they will get the ability to buy, sell and trade crypto in a click.

Interest- November 

Tap is adapting its smart middleware for Defi and CeFi to offer the highest yield possible. Tap will partner and collaborate with major providers on tailored solutions in order to provide interest to all our users.

UI onboarding- December

Our onboarding flow leverages the convenience of an app to provide the same security as a face-to-face interaction providing users a secure and personalized onboarding process. This seamless process will be a game-changer for users by providing security with an aesthetically pleasing design. The new UI onboarding will provide Tap a higher level of security as well as making users feel more at ease.