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Tap Q2, 2022 Feature Updates

4 mn

Hey there Tappers,

Did you miss our Q1 roadmap? Let’s do a quick recap!

New tokens on their way

We’ve been working hard on the middleware to enable new token listing at a much faster rate in future. We know the importance of adding new tokens and that’s why we are planning a more aggressive listing schedule in the near future. stay tuned because soon you'll see some really exciting news from us about our listings schedule going forward.

The future of security is now

We're always working to keep your information & funds safe. That's why we took account security to the next level with Device Authentication. We will continue offering new security measures in the coming months so stay tuned for more fraudster-busting goodness on its way soon enough - Bye Bye Fraudsters!

Let’s get back on track. Later this quarter we are bringing:*drumroll please*

Welcome to a shiny new and improved onboarding experience!

The Tap team has been hard at work creating an easy, quick, and efficient way for you to get started. The redesigned process will unlock our potential of scaling globally while being compliant and providing new and amazingly smooth onboarding process. The best part of all of this? Reducing onboarding times from 24-48 hours to simply 5 minutes!

A shiny new and improved onboarding

New interface’s design aligned with our identity.

Isn’t this a beauty? A new redesign of the app is underway, simplified, smart and elegant all integrated in a minimalistic interface. A brand with an international reach must have a framework that reflects the foundations of its global and digital strategy. The application is reinvented highlighting both the quality of our products and services while emphasizing our expertise and attention to details.

A powerful new Order Management System for lightning-fast transactions.

While our middleware has served us very well so far, we are experiencing tremendous growth. Performance is a core principle of Tap, and we always want to build the best possible solutions for you. Our new Smart Engine will be rolled out later this quarter which is going to be a lot faster on executing trades from its previous older brother. This new engine will also simplify token listing as well providing more pairs at better pricing!

A new security feature for an always improved safety of your account

Dear Little annoying Fraudster!

We love to make your life hard and miserable and that’s why, we will continues upgrading our security and protecting our users from you. Let’s see if you can bypass now all our hoops.  Boom! *Drops Mic*

Not bad for Q2, eh?
Stay tuned for more amazing stuff! It will be a great quarter.