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Tap Q1/Q2 Report

5 min

As we gear up for Q3 2021 we wanted to share an overview of our successes, achievements, and overall developments within the Tap app this year so far. As part of our efforts to provide a transparent and highly functional service, we felt it was only right to share our efforts with our community. 

Below are a number of features we have integrated into the Tap platform:

Payment Reference Enabled

As a Fintech company compliant with PSD2 regulations we are happy to announce that we now allow 3rd party payments through our platform. Users can now pay bills, pay rent or pay external companies directly from their Tap balances (crypto or fiat) using a unique payment reference. 

Automatic Population of OTPs

We have integrated an automatic populating feature that allows users to speed up their transactions and streamline trading through the issuing of OTPs.

XTP Functionalities

Users can now trade (buy, sell and receive) XTP through their unique XTP wallets on the platform. 

XTP Staking 

Through the app, users can now stake XTP in order to enjoy higher account benefits through upgrading their plans.

Select Your Preferred Currency

Users are able to personalize the features on the app, setting up their preferred currency when it comes to viewing balances, crypto prices and trading crypto. This can be done by updating the currency preference via Settings.

Any to Any Trades

Tap utilizes new smart middleware technology to ensure the absolute best rate and liquidation speeds for any to any trades, a step forward from the initially proposed trade system. Tap connects to multiple top exchanges to get you the best rates in a matter of seconds. Prices across crypto exchanges change rapidly and sporadically over time, our tech ensures that the best deal is acquired for every trade that you make as soon as you make it.

Pay Fees With XTP

Users can pay fees for trading on the Tap platform with XTP, enjoying a reduced rate. 

Trades Indicate Forex Markup

In our continued efforts to provide a transparent service, the exact markup is displayed when conducting foreign exchange transactions through the app. 

New Languages Onboarded

The Tap app is now available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek. Users can change their preferred language through Settings.

Referral Program Launch

The Tap referral program officially launched, enabling users to refer their friends and get rewarded. Users can share their unique Refer A Friend code (TGN Code) with friends (to be found in Settings) and get rewarded £2.50 for each successful referral.

With so many exciting upgrades we can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store. As we continue rolling out these new features, be sure to check back and see the overview when the time comes. Until then enjoy trading with the many features & services already available in the Tap app.