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Tap Q1, 2022 Feature Updates

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This new year 2022, will be embellished by numerous new exciting features for Tap, from token listing, new implementations, to innovative additions.

This new year marks a renewed expression of optimism and caution in Tap’s long-term development strategy based on innovative features, high quality services, creativity and singular communication.

We are delighted to unveil for you the new releases for this new Quarter.

Expanding Token offering, as a way to broaden perspectives

Tap is extending its token offering as a part of a balanced and diversified Tokens offering.
Tap users will enjoy the ability to purchase, exchange, sell, send or receive 10 new tokens, including:

-Tether US

This new Tokens integration will expand our users’ freedom of purchase in their quest of diversifying their portfolio and adopting cryptocurrencies.

Security at the Heart of digital transformation with Device Authentication

Tap always put its users’ security first. Committed to provide the best possible service, Tap is always looking to excel and being a step ahead from malicious threats.
Previous security measures and features were successfully implemented in the forever quest of ensuring best security and fraud prevention.

To name a few: 2FA via Google Authenticator to ensure maximum security of any Tap account, SMS on Logins and withdrawals enable an already strong prevention to threat and frauds.

Yet, Tap is implementing another security feature to always reach new heights of security standards.

The new Device Authentication is an added layer of security requiring whenever a user login from a new device to approve this connection via an authentication email sent to the registered email.

This added security layer will prevent malicious actors from accessing a user’s Tap account even if they might have discovered a user Google Authenticator Backups or managed a successful Sim Swap.

The importance of Language and global accessibility

The advent of geographic equity in a virtual space is truly incredible, this is why getting more accessible to all is illustrating the evident dynamic of the group in all geographical areas. Tap is striving for accessibility to fit all its users’ needs, no matter where they come from or what language their mother tongue may be.

Tap understands the importance of communication and wants to make sure that international clients comprehend with ease and comfort Tap’s full-services offering. We're excited about making this available in French, as it will give us more opportunities for success for French speaking users and leads.

This is why Tap will be launching its website with a fully translated interface in French - not only does translation help facilitate cross-border business transactions but also helps bring greater attention from potential customers around the world.

Users’ needs as a Focus, Tap reinvented.

Tap always has its community at the centre of its focus, we desire to empower our users with the freedom to reinvent and to innovate Tap along the way with us.

After welcoming numerous requests from our community, we dedicatedly compiled our cherished members’ recommendations on a mission to improve the app from their point of view as everyday users.

This enables Tap to offer to its users a seamless experience in the app and website, it is part of our efforts to increase our quality standards and pursuit of the best technical performances.