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Tap now supports Chiliz (CHZ)

1 mn

We are delighted to announce the listing and support of Chiliz (CHZ) on Tap!

CHZ is now available for trading on the Tap mobile app. You can now Buy, Sell, Trade or hold CHZ for any of the other asset supported on the platform without any pair boundaries. Tap is pair agnostic, meaning you can trade any asset for any other asset without having to worries if a "trading pair" is available.

We believe supporting CHZ will provide value to our users. We are looking forward to continue supporting new crypto projects with the aim of providing access to financial power and freedom for all.

Chiliz is a fintech company that uses blockchain technology to create new ways for fans to support and engage directly with their favorite sports teams. The company's goal is to be the leading provider of fintech solutions for sports and entertainment businesses around the world. Chiliz enables its users to trade tokens to show their support for professional sports teams.

Chiliz fans can buy their favorite team's Fan Tokens using the native Chiliz token " CHZ " on, the crowd management platform that Chiliz uses. Sports fans staking $CHZ on also have opportunity to receive new Fan tokens as well as a up to 10% $CHZ bonus yield.