Long-time holders are not sellers - the tale of a tight grip

2 min

The recent trend in the price of bitcoin would have you think that the supply of bitcoin must be deeply shaken up. Well, you're in for a surprise!

The fact that more than 60% of Bitcoin's supply has not been shifted in a year or so stands out as an interesting contrast to the tense market climate we're living through right now. In January, just after price drops 50% and successive declines of the leading iconic crypto-currency, there was little evidence for nervousness among seasoned investors - instead they maintained calm and collected amid all these changes!

long-term investors were building on their positions by piling and purchasing on more and more of the precious "digital gold", and sell-offs have been scarce. Actors who hold their bitcoins for the long-term are patient because they understand that the price might take off soon, and they are in for a long ride anyway to capitalize on the increase of the price of Bitcoin long term.

It's the small investors who suffer of this situation just like it usually happens in the so-called conventional economy. Small / retail investors they get rid of their precious bitcoins, often at a loss. This benefits the whales, often big corporate investors who continue to accumulate. It seems like the traditional hedge funds and big investors of the traditional financial sector are now taking advantage of the potential of the cryptocurrency market.

The question now is what do they know that we don’t?