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Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Explained


Investing is not as easy as the internet makes it seem, with every profit comes plenty of research behind it. Not to mention all the strategies as well. Similar to trading, investing can at times be time-consuming and demanding. While investing is beneficial in so many aspects, it can also come with some trial and error. This is why seasoned investors have made it a goal to share the knowledge they have with the rest of the world.

Someone else's candle shining doesn’t dim your own. So if we are lucky enough to have access to this vast array of information, thanks to the internet and investors, then we should use it, and that is why we have decided to help you learn more about Dollar-Cost Averaging.

What is DCA?

DCA is an abbreviation for Dollar-Cost Averaging. You may be wondering what DCA is? To put it simply, DCA is an investment strategy that sees people investing gradually over time rather than dropping a lump sum of money into assets.

Let’s say you have a total of $10,000 monthly, lump-sum investing would see you entering all that money into an asset market. DCA on the other hand would see you investing $500 each month or week. Not only does DCA provide you leeway to pay your bills while still investing, but it also protects you from excess loss. While lump-sum investing does have its perks, it also has the potential for big losses.

By investing only what you are willing to lose, you are at no risk of financially crippling yourself. DCA ensures you do not lose all your money on an investment, whereas one wrong trade in lump sum trading can greatly set you back. DCA is a great way for newbies to test the markets and trust in an investment before moving forward, seasoned traders are also a fan of DCA as it allows them to diversify their funds in a more structured way.

The point of DCA is to avoid market watching and big losses, DCA is the practice of routinely investing smaller amounts, timed over regular intervals, regardless of price.

Why And How To Use DCA

The how is easily answered, as already stated prior, it is as simple as allocating a set amount aside each month for investing. You invest your set amount a month routinely, regardless of the price, growing your total shares. But the real question is why? Why is this strategy so popular and why is it so highly recommended? Let’s get into it.

The benefits right from the get-go are clear, you hold less risk of losing everything at once. As the traders' tale goes, only put in what you are willing to lose. Lump-sum investments do not take this approach with caution, putting it all on the line, or a large portion at least.

DCA means you are continuously putting in small amounts that do not greatly limit your day-to-day life while still growing the value of your portfolio. DCA is a longer-term investment strategy. DCA also eliminates some of the risks involved with investing. Such as we have seen on game shows, some investors are baffled and do not know whether they should settle for less or go for more.

With DCA, the markets don’t matter, you are buying your assets at whatever price they are at and reaping the profits when the price climbs. But also, by purchasing every week rather than all at once, you have the option and ability to buy in on the volatile markets getting better prices per share than someone who put it all in at once.

This strategy also helps you manage emotional investing, forcing you to hold onto your investment despite FUD being spread, ensuring you don’t sell low or buy high. There are too many benefits to DCA to be listed, these are just a few that have been highlighted by investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know what DCA is, how to use DCA, and why you should use DCA, let’s answer some other frequently asked questions to help broaden your understanding. These are some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to the DCA strategy:

Is DCA a good strategy?

Yes, that is why it is a recommended strategy. DCA takes the emotional volatility out of investing in market volatility, helping reduce risk and loss and avoiding trying to time the markets. You are still investing in projects you believe in, just in a more manageable way.

Is DCA good for crypto?

Yes, just like traditional investing, people investing in cryptocurrency can greatly benefit from DCA. Investing small portions routinely still grows your portfolio, but allows you to better manage your funds and resources.

Can DCA make you rich?

This is a tricky question, but in short yes. While this is not financial advice, putting money into anything can potentially make you rich. It may take a bit longer for you to reach the highs of lump-sum investors, but you will eventually get there, without the exaggerated loss potential that comes with lump-sum investing. It may take time but it is certainly possible.

How frequently should I be using DCA?

That is up to you, different investors prefer different approaches to the DCA strategy. Whatever you are comfortable with is what you should do, as long as it is consistent. Whether that be every day, every week, or every month, you’re on the right track.

Is it better to DCA or lump-sum?

Again, this is not financial advice, but both do have great potential. In our opinion, DCA provides a more manageable way for new and busy investors to get into the markets without the risk of losing it all. Which one is better really depends on your investment goals. Investors have seen far more advantages in DCA than lump-sum.

The DCA Conclusion

While there are many investment strategies out there, we thought we would introduce you to Dollar-Cost Averaging. This is a favored strategy by many investors, that is not to say it is the only or best strategy, just one to consider. There are many perks that come with DCA, and that’s what we wanted to highlight in this piece for you today. DCA provides a sense of commitment that is hard to find, ensuring you secure your space in the market without any added risks. There will always be risks involved with investing, but the DCA strategy finds some ways to minimize those risks in comparison. We hope this piece helped you better understand Dollar-Cost Averaging and how it can help you on your investment journey.

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