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Our Mission

Uniting The World
Through Technology

Our vision is to build a product that can be used
by anyone, anywhere, providing instant access
to the crypto realm and allowing anyone to enter
the market. Not only to accelerate the adoption
of cryptocurrencies but to provide access to
financial freedom as well.

We believe in driving a financial product that can
empower people around the world to better
manage their finances, get immediate access to the innovative world of cryptocurrencies in a revolutionary way- and we're just getting started.

Our values

We're Driven by Our Values


At Tap we believe that innovation is imperative to success. We are builders not talkers. As a key player in the crypto revolution we strive to grow and innovate and constantly look for ways in which we can reinvent ourselves.


With our strong moral principles in place,
everything you come across with Tap will live up to the highest standards of integrity.


We want to make the future a brighter
place! We believe that by working together, people can come up with creative solutions for problems. Every day we seek positivity & creativity in
order to increase our team's productivity
and offer you only top-quality services - one client, at a time.


We know what it takes to get things done professionally and quickly. That's why we focus our efforts on the parts of the business that need attention most urgently, such as customer supporter development. So that we can offer the best service in a timely manner to our users,

Evaluation & Improvement

As we strive for excellence we never stop trying to be better at what we do, and we know that small incremental improvements over time add up to big results.


Everybody has a valuable idea, so
we value everyone's input and ideas and pride ourselves on always
listening to our community
Our Company

What is Tap?

Tap is an innovative, easy-to-use crypto app that helps bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain technology.

Tap enables you to use your cryptocurrency assets for everyday purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM just like a traditional debit card which is linked to your crypto wallet.
Tap comes in bringing the power of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial system.

Tap offers blockchain-enabled payment products that are linked directly to a user's crypto wallet,
we make it easy for people who have crypto assets
to spend them on everyday transactions.

Over the years, Tap has become a trusted
destination for anyone in the crypto sphere.