Introducing the TAP card

For the first time, you can use any crypto asset to make any FIAT card purchase without the need to preload your FIAT balance. This means that you can spend the exact amount of crypto to make your FIAT purchase and let TAP’s middleware exchange that crypto for the best market price.

The TAP card gives its customers the following features:

  • Make a FIAT purchase in any country with any crypto asset
  • FIAT currency exchange rates are given at interbank rates avoiding punitive banking charges
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM with zero fee (up to sensible usage levels)

At this point, we can see TAP truly being a one-stop-shop for any crypto user or even traveller, yet it still provides so much more…

Increased utility with the TAP app…

As well as instant fulfilment on any crypto exchange and the ability to spend any asset with debit card convenience, the TAP app offers way more features (with many more to come). Here are just the top 3:

  • Send any asset (crypto or fiat) to any other user and have the funds ready to use instantly. Paying someone back or sending money abroad has never been easier or quicker.
  • Manage your card security in the app for absolute peace of mind. These features include anything from changing your PIN, turning on GPS security so your card can’t be used if it is separated from your phone or just freezing your card temporarily if you do not have it on you.
  • Instantly see their portfolio balance in any currency they choose making budgeting simple.

TAP is very close to launching it’s public ICO and as well as being the best crypto project out there, we have made the token equally as impressive…

In summary, combining all exchanges into one app, allowing any crypto to crypto trade to be fulfilled instantly and bridging the gap between crypto and the real world with contactless card convenience should make TAP the hottest crypto project of 2018.

When you combine this with a token value that is fundamentally linked to what could be monumental project success you are looking at the must have, most exclusive and desired ICO token available.