NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 7, 2018 / Any seasoned crypto investor is familiar with the laborious KYC processes when setting up multiple exchange accounts. Soon, that will become a thing of the past as every crypto exchange can be accessed through a single app. This brings several advantages to the crypto investor:

  • Exchange any alternative crypto currency without having to move funds from one exchange to another
  • All your crypto assets are kept in one safe place that you can view anytime
  • Find the absolute best market price instantly on your phone

TAP’s proprietary middleware makes this possible. TAP will hold accounts with every exchange and scan their orderbooks to find the best price. It then delivers the best price through the TAP app. With just one click you’ll be able to exchange any crypto asset from one exchange to any crypto asset on any other exchange, completely eliminating the need to move assets across exchanges.

This total streamlining of the trading process will revolutionise how crypto investors trade, and still it gets better…

Complete AND fulfill any trade in under 3 seconds – Even Crypto/FIAT trades!

Right now, a crypto to crypto trade across exchanges can take up to 60 minutes to fulfil. With TAP this will take less than 3 seconds and the funds are instantly available to use. Just select the currency you want to sell, then the currency you want to buy and hit confirm in the app. Fulfilment is instant!

This unique time-saving feature is made possible through the TAP hot wallet and middleware integration.

The TAP project will keep a liquidity pool at each exchange and in several FIAT currencies. When you place a trade through the app, the TAP middleware will execute this trade through the hot wallets held at the exchanges instantly. The middleware then updates your account with the funds that you can use right away.

All this trading utility would normally come with security issues for the customer. Not with TAP.

Highest level of security for customer assets

As the hot wallets are owned by the TAP project, customer assets need never be exposed to security risks. In fact, a TAP customer’s assets will never leave offline multi-signatory cold storage wallets keeping them military grade secure. This is considered the safest way to store crypto assets and yet instant trade fulfilment is still possible.

TAP’s middleware, hot wallet system and top-grade security provides the ultimate customer experience for any crypto trader.

However, for crypto to be truly accessible to everyone there is still one barrier that still needs to be taken down. We are, of course, talking about the gap between crypto assets and everyday real-world situations. What TAP needs to do to allow mass adoption of crypto currencies is make crypto spendable.

Crypto users need to be able to buy anything from a coffee to a car with the crypto currency of their choice instantly.

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